About WhereTheTrucksAt!?

Greetings Food Truck Fans!

The WhereTheTrucksAt!? Team has been a fan of food trucks for a long time. This website was originally used to display the food trucks that stationed at Central Memorial Park in Calgary, Alberta near our office.

This was the first version of the site: a Google map displaying food truck locations in the wondrous colour palette inspired by the classic videogame, Dig Dug.

Where The Trucks At - Version 1

The days of working in that area are long gone, but like the growth in popularity for food truck lunches, our love for sitting outside and eating food truck delicacies expanded exponentially. We’ve eaten at food trucks in more cities too, including Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria and plan on visiting more as we travel.

This website is a passion project of Michael Breuer and he continues to add more features in his spare time; at least when he’s not learning something new, bicycling or eating (om nom nom nom!!!).

Keep on Food Truckin!